Lead Sales.

We deliver qualified leads in real-time, and grow your customer base and sales.

Why buy our leads?


Having spent over $2m on lead generation while working closely with enterprises in select industries, we have been able to fine-tune lead quality so that you can have complete confidence in your lead buys.


The biggest gripe of our lead buyers is that other companies’ lead delivery is inconsistent week to week. We remain committed to keeping your sales team busy with a constant flow of leads every day. Businesses are built on consistency.


No more dodgy lead salesmen. We put transparency at the top of our priorities to ensure our buyers are confident that they are purchasing leads from a trusted source and not being taken advantage of in the confusing digital arena. 


Dynamic pricing allows us to keep two steps ahead of the competition. We adjust our prices in accordance with shifts in the digital media buying landscape to ensure you capitalise on periods of lower CPAs.

We help service-based businesses attract new leads, customers & clients.

Grow your business.

Invest in your business with our advertising services and rapidly exceed your previous milestones, sales targets, and KPIs.

Drive results.

Send ideal prospects and previous customers to purpose built landing pages designed to maximise your Return On Investment.

Measureable success.

Receive accurate reporting detailing the results important to your business and advertising success.

Targeted Advertising.

Leverage the power of the world’s most powerful advertising platforms and target your audience by behaviours, interests, geographics and more.

What makes our leads different?

Connect reps with leads in real-time.

Use our real-time lead generation campaigns to capture intent in the moment and speed up sales cycles instead of relying on slow follow-up emails.

Integrate with your CRM and entire stack.

Connect our lead generation campaigns with tools like PipeDrive, Hubspot, and more to sync data and automate workflows.

Smarter automation and lead qualification.

Automate lead qualification based on rules, deliver leads 24/7 in real-time and schedule customer contact points.

Increase conversions and sales.

Generate more revenue with custom landing-pages, surveys and quizzes to supplement your lead generation efforts.

Integrate our qualified leads with your CRM in real-time and over 1,000 tools.

What verticals do we specialise in?


Exclusive, qualified leads for the financial industry.
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Exclusive, qualified leads for the auto-loan industry.
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Exclusive, qualified leads for the solar industry.
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Exclusive, qualified leads for the insurance industry.
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Exclusive, qualified leads for the debt industry.
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Proudly recognised and awarded.

Cobra Digital was proudly awarded with Facebook’s prestigous preferred marketing partner status in 2019.

Work with the best.
We’re proven to deliver.